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Barristers at 9 Gough Square provide dispute resolution through arbitration.

Binding civil arbitration is a cooperative and efficient way to resolve disputes without the delays and expenses involved in civil litigation.

In arbitrations the parties to a dispute agree to a private determination of their dispute by an arbitrator, or arbitrators. The agreement to arbitrate may pre-exist the dispute (as it often does in building disputes), or it may be entered into after the dispute has arisen and by reference to a particular dispute. The source of the arbitrator’s power to make a determination is the arbitration agreement, but that is regulated by the Arbitration Acts and by the supervisory role of the High Court under CPR Pt 62.

Arbitration can be quicker and cheaper than litigation and the parties can retain more control over the proceedings, as it is they who set the parameters for the determination rather than the Civil Procedure Rules and the Court. Another great benefit of arbitration proceedings is that the hearings are conducted in private at a location and at a time convenient to the parties.

The scope of disputes resolved by arbitrations covered by barristers at 9 Gough Square includes:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Personal Injury and clinical negligence claims
  • MIB Untraced Drivers claims
  • Family disputes
  • Healthcare disputes

9 Gough Square also offers mediation services to achieve accelerated dispute resolutions, click here to find out more.

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