15 years imprisonment for man who threw kettle of boiling water over woman causing serious injury

8 Aug, 2017

Claire Harden-Frost successfully prosecuted this defendant who pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial to offences including causing serious bodily harm with intent. Onyumbe attacked a woman at his home address, punching her repeatedly in the face before throwing a kettle of boiling water at her. She sustained serious burns. She attempting to flee by jumping from a first floor window but sustained fractures to her back and was pursued by Onyumbe who further assaulted her before forcing his hand into her throat and causing her to lose consciousness. Police were called to the address. Onyumbe tried to prevent his crime being discovered by hiding her under a duvet. When she was discovered Onyumbe headbutted the arresting officer causing the officer actual bodily harm. Onyumbe was sentenced on 28th July 2017 to a total sentence of 20 years, comprising of 15 years imprisonment and an additional 5 years on licence. His Honour Judge Dodgson commended the arresting officer for his actions.


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