Emily Verity successfully prosecutes ‘Uber rapist’

10 Apr, 2018

Muhammed Durrani, an Uber driver, raped the customer in the back of his taxi. Durrani, 38, picked the customer up from outside a bar on the Northcote Road, Battersea and drove her home to Hammersmith. She was unaware that he had taken intimate photographs of her when she fell asleep during the journey. As she walked to her front door, he approached and lifted her, carrying her to the back seat of the taxi where he assaulted her by penetration, and raped her. She was incapable of consenting due to alcohol intoxication. She could recall a sexual assault but had no recollection of the rape. Durrani maintained the sex had been consensual and relied on a selfie he had taken showing the two together.

See related Evening Standard article.

Instructed by Andrew Hudson of Rasso.

HHJ Tomlinson at Southwark Crown Court said an exemplary sentence would be passed, following an assessment of dangerousness.


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